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What is an ESA engineer?

It’s someone who:
- works in life sciences: Agriculture, food industry, land management
- works in business: Management, marketing, sales
- works on various stages of the supply chain: Production, processing and marketing, using a sustainable development approach
- works on today’s major issues: Producing more and better while preserving ecosystems, providing quality food for humans and animals in sufficient quantities, developing sustainable territories, managing exchanges between people, finding a balance between local and global.
- whom companies will hire for his or her ability to take initiative, work in the field and be a team player.

Where do ESA engineers work?
ESA engineers can pursue a wide variety of careers in a number of fields: Marketing, sales, R&D, quality control, farming, agricultural consulting and much more.

Fast track to employment
Before graduation, 45% of new ESA engineers already have jobs. Four months after graduation, 96% have jobs, and 99% are working after six months.
Thanks to:
- A strong business network: nearly 1500 companies, professional organizations and communities host ESA interns and apprentices each year and work in close partnership with our laboratories.
- Internships in France and/or abroad: first real work experience and opportunities to create a professional network
- A national and international alumni network:
- The Association of ESA Engineers offers a newsletter, regional groups to help young graduates find jobs, a directory and much more.
- A career counselling service, Ingénia, which brings together the 17,000 engineers of the 4 FESIA schools. It centralizes all the job offers and provides personal counselling.

Determining your career goals
ESA helps you take stock of your skills and develop a career plan:
- Meetings with professionals through internships, case studies, business services
- Helping you in your job search: cover letters and resumes, preparing for job interviews, career day, an annual "Business" forum, one week of job search support for new graduates.

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