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French Agribusiness

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France’s food industry: a leading sector on the world scene
Renowned throughout the world for its gastronomy, France ranks first in Europe and second at the global level when it comes to exports of agricultural and food products.
Indeed, 20% of the agricultural production of the 25-member Europe is French. France comes first before Italy, Germany and Spain (each of these countries holding 14% of the production).

French agriculture and its food industry have a tremendous production capacity :

Agricultural production :
All products usually grown in tempered countries can be found in France. France is the largest producer of cereals, cattle, poultry and potatoes, and the second largest producer of milk and sugar beets.

The food industry :
It is particularly competitive as far as meat, dairy products, processed cereals and animal feed are concerned, and of course last but not least wine. In fact, wine is among the key products of the French agricultural sector and food industry. Champagne and Bordeaux wines, not to mention many others, are of world renown.

Large international food processors (Danone, Lactalis, Euralis) share the market with a multitude of very dynamic small- and middle-sized enterprises.

Landscapes and the environment :
Besides production and food processing, France is very much concerned about preserving its rural landscapes and environment.

Rural tourism:
Tourism has greatly developed in France and welcomes the largest number of tourists in the world.

Western France, where the ESA Group is located, is one of the main agricultural and food processing areas in Europe.

Studying at the ESA Group in Angers really means visiting the core region of European agricultural production and food processing. It also brings you to the very heart of the Loire Valley which is inscribed on the Unesco World Heritage List.

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