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Angers is a medium sized city that one can get about fairly easily, rarely getting snarled up in traffic jams.

There are also several pedestrian and bicycle only streets enabling easy access to city centre shops, bars, cinemas and other entertainment.

ESA is very close to city centre, less than ten minutes walk from the railway station, and no more than that to the major shops.

Students usually get about on foot, by bike, or on the bus. Indeed the efficient bus network often surprises our foreigners ; there’s even a night service.

Prices :
For 4 € / month, you can rent a bike and a cycle lock from the ’ESAternational’ Committee (in charge of welcoming international students).
You must pay a deposit of 35 € at your arrival too (returned to you when you hand it back before your departure).

Bus tickets cost 1,20 € each. Special prices for students.

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