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Learning French

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A quick way to speak French ! You have a basic knowledge of French ? Your grounding in French goes back a long way ? You have no French at all ?

This should not be an obstacle in order to embark on a degree course at the Groupe ESA. Within 3 to 6 months, most international students studying at the Groupe ESA have acquired a good enough command of French to understand and attend classes. To learn French or enhance your language skills, the Groupe ESA offers you appropriate training opportunities :

What  are your needs ?

Recommended average duration of course Training
opportunity n°
Improve and enhance your language skills in French
1 à 2 months
2, 3a, 4
Refresh your basic knowledge of French
3 months
2, 3a, 4
French for beginners
3 à 6 months
2, 3a, 3b, 4

In order to improve their French quickly, students are advised to apply for a family stay during the first three months of the programme. The appropriate duration for a French language course depends on the individual and also on the student’s mother tongue. The duration specified in the above table is only an average based on the experience of former international students.
Gustavo, I am from Guatemala, enrolled in the final year of the work-based engineering course. I have learnt French within 3 months.
Marta, I didn’t speak a word of French when I came to France. After 6 months of intensive French classes, I was able to take the part-time engineering course. 

Training opportunity n° 1 :

Work placement in a farm, organized through the Groupe ESA : you will work as an agricultural labourer on a farm, and will be provided accommodation and meals by the family of your placement supervisor. This will be an opportunity to become acquainted with French agriculture.
Click on Professional work placement for further info


Training opportunity n° 2 :

'French as a Foreign Language' Session ('FLE'), taught at the Groupe ESA (free tuition), a two-week session organized every year at the beginning of September. It includes personal work and cultural visits. This session is complemented by a French course throughout the year (2 one-hour classes on a weekly basis).

Training opportunity N° 3:

Intensive course of 'French as a Foreign language' ('FLE') at the CIDEF ('Centre International d’Etudes Françaises'), a French language centre located near the Groupe ESA.

TUITION FEES 2006-2007 :
3a. Summer programme :
- 80 hours of tuition over 4 weeks in July or August.
- Registration and tuition fees: 800 Euros.
3b. Autumn semester divided in 2 stages :
- September: 90 hours of tuition over 4 weeks - registration and tuition fees: 890 €
- From beginning of October to end of December : 20 hours of tuition a week - registration and tuition fees : 1,700 €.
If you also take the Spring semester, the cost will be 1,650 €.
Click on 'Centre International d’Etudes Françaises' (CIDEF) for further info

Training opportunity N° 4:

Evening classes at the 'Institut Municipal' of Angers : taught in French throughout the year, 2 hours a week (free tuition).

If you are eligible for a degree course at the Groupe ESA, you must attend the necessary Introductory crash courses before the beginning of the course. Click on Introductory crash courses for further info

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