Tandems and bonds that are forged!

Communication and registrations were launched in November 2020. There has been many positive returns. French-speaking students wishing to improve their English, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, and international students wishing to acquire the French language. Then the exchange is created!

They usually meet once a week or once every 15 days. They take 30 minutes to talk in French and 30 minutes to talk in the other language.

The interest of these tandems is:

  1. creating a dynamic between our students
  2. learning a language for free
  3. approaching/deepening a new culture through its language
  4. learning about a country’s practices or current events, as seen by a native.

Some testimonials

Marylou student in engineering training, in tandem with Felix, a German student from the University of Innsbruck in Austria, on exchange program at Esa. They got in touch in January, they had the opportunity to meet each other in Angers. After a walk in the historic centre of Angers, they went to ESA to send us a picture in front of our “famous cows”, as they say!



Sophie, a Dutch student in her second year of Master Food Identity, currently on an internship in Berlin, meets every Sunday on WhatsApp with  Hélèna, a third-year  engineering student.

 “Me and Hélèna have met each other just after Christmas, and decided we will see each other every Sunday to talk for half an hour in French and half an hour in English. So far it has been really interesting and valuable, learning about each other’s hobby’s, cultures, agricultural systems in our home countries and so on. We have met a total of two times now and coming Sunday will be our third”. Sophie




Dominga arrived in December from Pontifica University in Chile to complete a double diploma and Céline in 4th year Engineering training are both now speaking partners French/Spanish. They started their exchanges on WhatsApp in early February and will be able to meet personally as they both follow the Human and Social Sciences core course.

“Céline and I during our first exchange! We talked for an hour. It was very nice. More, we’re in the same classes!” Dominga


Rakhat a Master Food Identity student from Kyrgyzistan, currently in Italy meets Clément a Bachelor student and Constance an engineering trainig student on WhatsApp every 15 days for their English/French speaking team.

We also had the feedback from other students like Gabriel, a Colombian student in Master Agribusiness who exchanges regularly with his conversation team. Yazu, a Mexican student in the Master Food Identity, who exchanges in French and Spanish with her speaking partner …