The 3rd edition of #Esaconnect is under preparation!

Organised by ESA and the researchers from the Changes in Agriculture Chair, the “smart rural” events – #esaconnect – are an opportunity to analyse from a sociological and economic angle the changes that are taking place in the professions and trades, and the new forms of collaboration and cooperation in agriculture involving the use of digital media.

7 June

Consumer testing: stimulate your 5 senses with sensorial analysis

Sensorial analysis uses man and his senses to characterise a product, over and above instrumental measurements. Consumer testing allows the appreciation of individuals to be gathered and is today an indispensable tool in the agri-food sector. ESA in Angers has understood that for a long time and it has developed a sensory analysis platform, Senso’Veg, which is without any competition at the local level and has an established reputation.

29 May
Study programs

Live my life: test our engineer study programs!

It can be difficult when you are in secondary school to know what you want to study after secondary school. Well, what better way than to get a hands-on experience of the life of a student! And that’s what ESA offers secondary school students with the 4th edition of the operation “Live the life of an ESA student engineer”.

29 May