Follow our 5 research units focusing on sustainability in agriculture, food and regional development

Research at ESA

ESA gives priority to multidisciplinary research at the service of its branches, study programmes and international presence. 5 research units, 90 researchers, of whom 41 are lecturer-researchers, working on research into designing sustainable agricultural an food systems.

5 research units
3 teaching-research chairs
2000 business partners in France and abroad
110 French and international lecturers
Of whom 1/3 are lecturer-researchers
120 years of experience
+ de 50 study programs

Research at the service of business

ESA gives the priority to research completed in partnership, focussed on design and action, close to the economic sectors and agricultural professionals. Also, each research unit helps companies and local authorities through studies and consultancies to develop new innovative products, techniques and services to improve their environmental performance.

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